Most frequently asked in Bills & payments

How do I add, remove or change names on the bill?

You can add, amend and delete names on your bill if you are the main account holder, by logging in or registering for My Account. Once you have logged in, go to 'My Property' and 'Billing Details' on the homepage and choose the option you require.

Can you email my bills to me?

Yes, all you have to do is register for our My Account service and choose paperless billing - we'll then email you when your bill is available to view or download. Please visit My Account for details.

How often will you send me a bill if I have a water meter?

If you have a water meter, we send you a bill every six months for the water you have used. The date you receive your bill will depend on when we read your meter. If your meter has just been fitted, your first 'metered' bill could arrive any time up to six months after the meter has been fitted.

Can my bills go to a different mailing address?

Yes, registering for My Account is the easiest way to manage your bills online. You can securely request for your bills to be sent to a different mailing address or switch to paperless bills, at a time that suits you.

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Most frequently asked in My Account

How do I amend my log in details for My Account?

You can amend your email address, password and security question/answer once you have logged into My Account with your existing details. Once logged in, please select the 'my personal details'.

I've closed My Account, can I still see my previous bills?

If you are still registered for My Account and have opted for paperless billing you can log onto My Account and see up to 2 years' of bills. If you have asked us to close your online account then you won't be able to log into My Account and see your previous bills.

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Most frequently asked in Moving home

I've moved house - when will I receive a bill?

Assuming you have already contacted us on 0345 026 7661 to let us know about your move, the final bill for your old home will be sent to your new address and should arrive within a week of moving into your new home.

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Most frequently asked in Saving water

How can I save water?

There are lots of small things you can do around the home to save water - from only switching on the dishwasher when it's full, to fixing that dripping tap.

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Most frequently asked in Water meters

Where will my meter be fitted?

We normally fit the water meter free of charge inside your home on the water supply pipe (which is the pipe which brings water into your home) close to your stop tap.

How long will it take to fit a water meter?

To apply for a water meter, call our friendly team on 0345 072 6065. We'll confirm a convenient date with you there and then over the phone so you'll know exactly when we will fit your new meter.

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Most frequently asked in Water & sewer issues

Where is my stop tap?

It’s really important to know where your internal stop tap is and how to use it.

Why is my water discoloured?

Changes in the colour of your water can happen if we're carrying out some improvements to the water pipes in your area, or there's been a pipe burst that we've repaired.

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Most frequently asked in Mobile App

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