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With beautiful countryside, charming villages, thriving towns and a major city, Cheshire is home to more than 1m people. Covering a vast 905 square miles, the county is predominantly of rural composition and is home to internationally important wetlands.

With the stunning, flat plains of land extending across the region, agriculture plays a key part in the Cheshire economy, and we work closely with farmers and landowners to encourage sustainable catchment management practices.

As well as helping the environment, our catchment work also benefits our customers by improving water quality and reducing the level of treatment we need to carry out at our water treatment works. 

This reduces the need for investment in our treatment works which in turn helps to keep customer bills low.

We abstract water from boreholes in and around Cheshire and these form an integral part of the local drinking water supply. 

Located close to Sandstone Ridge are three of our Cheshire groundwater catchments — Manley Common, Delamere Group and Five Crosses - each of which has one or more boreholes.

See below what we are doing across Cheshire to improve the local water supply as well as improve the quality of water.

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Our business plans for Cheshire 2025-2030

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