Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has become one of the fastest-growing regions in the UK. It has seen unprecedented growth in recent years with large commercial and residential developments taking place across the county as more and more people make this region their home.

As the population of Greater Manchester grows, and more businesses locate to the region, we need to provide essential services to meet both current and future demands. 

This means investment in our infrastructure and pipelines as we continue to look at ways to improve how we get clean water to, and then wastewater from, your homes and businesses. 

But we don’t just supply water.

We also want to make the North West greener, healthier and stronger and we are working hard to maintain a high level of environmental performance.

Last year we announced more than £122 million will be spent on Greater Manchester's wastewater systems in a bid to reduce the amount of sewage entering our rivers by more than 10 million tonnes.

The investment will see 184km of the region's rivers improved by 2025 and reduce the need for storm spills.

And the work doesn’t stop there. We are looking at other ways to bring you quality water throughout the year.

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Our business plans for Greater Manchester 2025-2030

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