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Save water in the garden

With changing weather patterns due to climate change, we’re now seeing much less rainfall during the summer months, often followed by extreme rainfall. So, learning to cope with these challenges is becoming even more important for gardeners.

How you can use less water in the garden

There are many benefits to saving water and during dry summer months saving a little can make a big difference not only to your water bill if you’re on a meter, but also the environment. Here are some useful tips on how you can use water wisely in your garden.

How to save water in the garden

Award-winning garden designer Leon Davis explains how whether you have a large garden or limited gardening space, you can still benefit from rainwater harvesting, especially if you’re green fingered.

Other ways to save water in the garden

  • Where and when to water; watering your garden during dawn and dusk or once it is shaded will help minimise evaporation and will help reduce strain on flowers. Make sure you water your plants closely to the roots and don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you water your garden, too.
  • Water retaining crystals; use water retaining crystals on your potted plants and hanging baskets to keep them hydrated for even longer.
  • Use mulch; mulch your soil with bark or straw to retain water in your flower beds, it can also help slow down weed growth and prevent pesky slugs and snails.
  • Types of plants; drought resistant plants like lavender, rosemary and succulents are great for sunspots and require much less water. Planting the right flowers in your garden can make a huge difference on your garden and the water you use.
  • Garden fun; children love to play in the garden on hot days, but keeping them cool can be a challenge. If you choose to fill up a paddling pool, save water by filling it up half way. You can even cover them when they are not in use to prevent evaporation, and once you’re finished why not reuse the water on your garden?