How can I submit a meter reading if the current one is an estimate or incorrect?

If we have estimated your meter reading, or the meter reading is incorrect, you can submit a meter reading online or via our smartphone app. You can also do this within My Account if you've already registered for our online service.

Once you have submitted your new meter reading we will send you a revised bill. For further information please call our water meter team on 0345 072 6065. We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm, and Saturday from 8am-4pm, excluding bank holidays.

Still need further information or help? Please Contact us.

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How do I read my water meter?

To take a meter reading, just read the black numbers only - advice can be found here

What does a water meter look like?

It's small, round and about the size of a tin of beans.

My meter doesn't seem to be recording my water usage correctly, what should I do?

Please call us on 0345 672 2999 so we can investigate this further for you.