Wastewater Pollution

Report sewage pollution

If you suspect sewage pollution, call us immediately on 0345 672 3723. Make note of what you saw, where and when as we will need this information to locate the problem.

Common signs of sewage pollution in a river/stream include:

  • Wet wipes, toilet paper or other sanitary and toiletry products
  • Soap suds or milky water

  • Distressed fish

  • Grey ‘sewage fungus’

  • Human waste and sewage water

You can find out more information on what we're doing to reduce pollution here.

We consider the natural environment in the management, operation and maintenance of our sites. Wildlife is not only protected, but frequently improved as a result of our interventions.

From here you can find more information on how you can prevent sewage pollutions by checking your pipes are connected correctly, and what we're doing to keep our waters clean of pollution.

Stop the Block!

We can all do our bit and we need your help to stop the block of sewage pipes. Find out more about what you can and can’t pour down the drains by clicking the button below

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