Current incidents in our area:

Help and support

As a customer of ours you can always expect a friendly ear.

There are loads of ways for you to get in touch with us, from phone numbers to social media. 

If you've got an emergency - such as no water, you've spotted a leak or you've a blocked drain, or you're simply driving past our roadworks and wondering why we're digging up the road near you, find the information you need here. Perhaps you want to chat to someone about paying your bill, how you can save money, or signing up to Priority Services if you need a little extra support because of a medical condition, for example.

Whatever your reason for contacting us, and however you decide to do it, rest assured that you'll be in touch with a specially trained person who knows how to help.

Wastewater services

We collect a total of around 1,271 million litres of wastewater every day in the North West, transporting it along 72,000 kilometres of pipes and sewers to over 580 wastewater treatment works, all dedicated to cleaning the water before returning it safely to rivers and the sea.