Save water this summer

Help us avoid a hosepipe ban 

The hot weather means we’re seeing a massive increase in water consumption across our area. We're currently providing an additional half a billion litres of water a day above what we normally supply to our customers across the North West.

We urgently need your help and support to avoid a hosepipe ban. You can help us by turning off your garden sprinklers, not using your hosepipes, not washing your car and taking shorter showers and not baths. The demand is so high, particularly during peak times, that we are struggling to get enough water around the system quick enough. If we can all do our bit this will reduce the risk of lower water pressure or no water at all.

If you run a business, we’d really appreciate your support too. If you have employees, encourage them to suggest ways to save water in the workplace and fix any leaks or bursts as soon as possible. Remember, reducing your overall usage will also help to reduce your water bills too. You can find further water saving tips for your business in our advice leaflet (PDF 1,675 KB opens in a new window)

Thank you, we really appreciate your help.


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We’re out and about across the North West during July and August, to share tips on how to save water and give out some great water saving goodies. Come and see us in a town or city near you!

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