Save water could help you save on your bills!

Using less water means you can save on your water bill (if you’re on a meter) and also on your energy bills too, as about 15 per cent of your bill comes from heating water.

Small changes in how you use your water - from turning off the tap while brushing your teeth to knocking a minute off your shower - can make a big difference. As well as saving money you'll be doing your bit for the environment, as we'll use less water from reservoirs and rivers which means it takes less energy to treat it too!

For lots more ways to save water in the home and garden and FREE water saving goodies, click on the links below or download our guide to using water wisely (PDF 1,948 KB opens in a new window).

We're also working hard to repair leaks, so if you spot a leak in the road or street, report it and we’ll sort it.

By working together we can make a difference. Remember, every drop helps save a lot!

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Over 90,000 litres of rain falls on the average UK rooftop, more than enough to water your garden. We are currently offering discounts on water butts.

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