Save water this summer

Help to keep the water flowing this summer

Hosepipes and sprinklers use an incredible amount of water – more water in one hour than a family of four will use in a day – and the ban will help to ensure that we have enough water to go round for essentials such as drinking, washing and cooking.

It would really help if you could avoid using hosepipes and sprinklers at this time as it makes a huge difference in the amount of water being used across the North West. Please use a watering can instead or, even better, reuse any water from the home such as water from washing up bowls or bath water.

You’ll find plenty more tips on how to save water in the home and garden, and FREE water saving goodies, by clicking on the links below.

If you run a business, we’d really appreciate your support too. If you have employees, encourage them to suggest ways to save water in the workplace and fix any leaks or bursts as soon as possible. Remember, reducing your overall usage will also help to reduce your water bills too. You can find further water saving tips for your business in our advice leaflet (PDF 1,675 KB opens in a new window)

Thanks for your support, together we can keep the North West flowing this summer. 

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We’re out and about across the North West during July and August, to share tips on how to save water and give out some great water saving goodies. Come and see us in a town or city near you!

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Save with a water butt

Over 90,000 litres of rain falls on the average UK rooftop, more than enough to water your garden. We are currently offering discounts on water butts.

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Saving water is child’s play

Ellie shows us how easy peasey it is to help keep the taps flowing this summer. 

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