If I had a leak or burst after the water has gone through the meter, do I have to pay for that water?

If you are unlucky enough to discover a leak on either your internal or external pipework that sends your meter into overdrive, you are entitled to claim for the cost of the water lost during the time you had the leak.

It’s important to point out that you are only able to make one claim for an internal leak and one claim for an external leak at your address. However, if you are unfortunate to have further leaks in the future, and can prove that the lost water has leaked into a watercourse or similar, and not into the public sewer, we may be able to reduce your sewerage charges more than once.

We'll refund the cost of any water lost from a leaking supply pipe, as long as it is the first burst that the pipe has suffered, and it is repaired within two weeks of discovering it. We may also be able to give an allowance against wastewater charges.

If you wish to claim an allowance for a leak you will need to complete the Household leak allowance claim form (PDF 164 KB opens in a new window)

Remember that you're responsible for maintaining all pipework within the boundary of your property, including the underground supply pipe and all internal pipework, whether you have a water meter or not.

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