Moving out of your home

If you’re moving out of the North West or moving into a property where you’re no longer responsible for paying water bills, please let us know so we can make sure your final bill is right. 

Simply give us a call on 0345 026 7661 and let us know the following:

  • the date you moved (or are due to move) out of your home
  • the final reading from your old address, if you have a meter
  • your new address to send your final bill or refund to

We’re open 8am - 8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am - 6pm on Fridays and 8am - 4pm on Saturdays.

Call 0345 026 7661

Don't want to give us a call?

If you need to tell us about your move outside of our opening hours or you simply prefer to tell us online, then it’s easy to move using our MyAccount service. If you’ve not got an online account set up with us, it’s really simple and easy to do and you’ll just need your account number and email address to get started.

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