Why is my water pressure too high or too low?

We aim to provide water at the right pressure for day-to-day use. If your water pressure seems lower or higher than usual, we may be working on a burst pipe or a leak, you can check if there is a known issue in your area here.  

If there is nothing listed for your area, you can report it to us here by using our online tool so we can investigate this further.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

What is water pressure?

Put simply it is the force that pushes water through your pipes from our treatment works to your taps.

I have no water (or low pressure), what should I do?

If you have no water or your water pressure has dropped so there's only a trickle coming out of the tap, don’t panic - there may be a pipe burst which is affecting your water supply

Why does water pressure vary?

Pressure can vary at different times of the day and you may find that you have a lower or poor pressure during the mornings and early evenings when there is more demand on our water supply. Demand for water can also change depending on the season. For example in areas where there are lots of summer visitors or when crops need to quench their thirst.