The site has been designed following Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines and, where possible, we aim to achieve all Level A and Level AA requirements.

Text size

You can increase or decrease the text size by using the features in your browser. Guidance on how to do this can be found on the BBC website or the Web Accessibility Initiative, but here are some quick tips.

Internet Explorer

  • What to select: View > Text Size; or
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl++


  • What to select: View > Zoom > Zoom in and You can choose to zoom the whole page or text only; or
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl++

Google Chrome

  • What to select: Select the wrench, scroll to Zoom and choose a setting; or
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl++


Some browsers have features that allow you change to a specific colour scheme, again, information can be found at the BBC or the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Priority Services

Our Priority Services are free and allow us to help our customers who might benefit most from additional support due to things like age, disability, mental health problems or language barriers

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