Is your water bill higher than expected?

If you have a water meter and your recent bill is higher than normal, please don’t panic – there is likely to be a simple explanation.

By answering a few questions below, we should be able to identify the main cause.

Before we get started, here are three of the most popular reasons for bills being higher than expected:

Do you have a modern push button toilet cistern?

Modern push button toilets can waste an incredible amount of water if the cistern is faulty. Why not order a FREE ‘LeakyLoo’ strip to see if this is the reason - faulty cisterns are often the main culprit for bills increasing.

Order LeakyLoo Strip

Have you been making home improvements?

If you’ve been carrying out any renovations or building work at your home, it’s likely you’ve been using a lot more water than normal which will have increased your bill.


Was your previous water bill estimated?

Check to see if your previous water bill was estimated – if it was, then we may have underestimated your water usage which will make your current bill appear a lot higher.


Remember, you’re paying for all the water you use

As you have a water meter, you’re paying for all the water you use in the home so it’s important not to waste it. Visit ‘Get Water Fit’ for plenty of hints and tips on how to use water wisely, you can also order FREE items to help you make a saving on both your water and energy bills!

Save water, save money

Still not sure why your bill has gone up?

Then answer a few simple questions so we can help identify the likely cause. If we’ve asked you to get in touch about your bill please complete this checklist before calling us.

Please click 'yes' if any of the questions in each topic throughout the guide below applies to you.

Moving Home
  • Have you recently moved into a new home with a water meter? 
Yes                            No