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If you're looking for sound advice and hands-on help, you're in the right area - our development teams don't mess around when it comes to making building plans work. Whether you're a homeowner or have a business plan, have a look at our teams below and find the people you need to speak

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Help to keep the water flowing this summer

We’ve been enjoying some great weather recently but lack of rain and high demand for water means our reservoir levels are now lower that we’d like. That’s why we hope you can support us by reducing any unnecessary water usage across your developments to ensure we have enough water this summer for essentials such as drinking, washing and cooking. If you’re able to avoid using sprinklers on your developments at this time, or limiting the amount of cleaning with pressure washers and hosepipes, it would be a big help.

Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.


Guidance on national planning standards and risk assessments

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