Your water supply

It's not our water, it's yours. But it is our job to provide all our seven million customers across the North West, with a safe and constant supply of water - on tap, whenever you need it. We work around the clock, using our people, technology and the natural water cycle to make sure your homes and businesses have the water they need to keep everything ticking along nicely.

Drinking water quality

Pour yourself a glass of water anywhere in the North West with total confidence - it'll be clean and clear. And see what we do if it isn't...

Postcode water check

Testing water quality

We make sure that your water passes strict tests before it comes out of the taps. Find out what makes it so clean and drinkable

How we clean water

From source to tap, find out about your water's journey, here

Lead pipes

Lead pipes carry certain health risks. But don't worry, we'll help you identify if you have them and how they can be replaced