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How to translate information on this website

Having difficulty reading the content on our website? Why not try clicking on the below 'ACCESSIBILITY HELP?' link to translate everything that is on our website into over 100 languages. This service is completely free to all our customers. Want to find out more before you give it a go, click on the link below to watch our video.

If you need a telephone language interpreter, please call us

For help with your water bill please call:

We're available Monday to Friday, from 8am-8pm; and Saturday from 8am-4pm.

If you have an issue with your water or wastewater then call us (24-hours-a-day) on 0345 672 3723.

When you call these numbers, you will hear messages in English, but please stay on the line until we answer. We will ask you to confirm your name, telephone number and preferred language. We will then connect your call to an interpreter in your preferred language as quickly as we can, to help us with your query.

Accessibility Help

Access the information you need in a way that suits you

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