Where is my stop tap?

Where is my internal stop tap?

It’s really important to know where your internal stop tap is and how to use it. It could save precious time protecting your home during an emergency – such as a burst pipe, or alternatively so work can be carried out to the plumbing in your home. Most internal stop taps are found under the kitchen sink, but other places they may be found are under the stairs, in an airing cupboard, adjoining garage or in the downstairs toilet.

Your stop taps should be relatively simple to operate, standard water fittings are all closed by turning it clockwise and opened anti-clockwise. We recommend that you test your internal stop tap regularly to avoid it seizing up.

If you are still struggling to find or operate your stop tap, the next thing to do is contact a plumber head here for a list of water industry approved plumbers. Your plumber will be able to attempt or advise you of other options to turn off your water supply internally.

Our short videos here can show you where to find your stop tap.


Where is my external stop tap?

External stop taps are commonly located outside your home or in a public footpath, but sometimes can be found in driveways, gardens or grass verges.