All about water meters

Cheaper with a meter!

Switching to a water meter can be one of the easiest ways to save money.
Don’t miss out on a cheaper bill, apply for a water meter today!

You can’t lose with a water meter

The great news is that we fit meters for free and our lowest bill guarantee means that you won’t be worse off with a meter during your two year trial. It’s a win-win!

Making a saving has never been easier

Our lowest bill guarantee works like this. Each time we send you a water bill, we’ll automatically check your meter charges against what you would have paid on your old rateable value bill and always charge you whatever is the lower amount. So you’ll never be out of pocket!

Risk free trial

Our lowest bill guarantee lasts for two years, after which you can decide to go back to your old rateable value bills if you’ve not made a saving. There’s really no risk when switching to a meter!

Take a look at our information pack (PDF 3,470 KB opens in a new window) for full details about water meters and how much you could save.

When you’re ready to apply, give us a call on 0345 072 6065 and we’ll arrange to visit your home to fit your meter.