Low pressure or no water?

When you turn your taps on, you can expect your water pressure to have enough force and volume to easily fill a glass or kettle, for example.

If your water pressure has dropped so there's only a trickle coming out of the tap, or has gone off completely, don’t panic.

Here's what to check

  • Check with your neighbours - If you're on a common supply pipe, check if your neighbours are carrying out any works on their property that may impact your water supply. 
  • Do you have cold water but no hot water? - Check your cold water tap in your kitchen. If you've got cold water but not hot water you have an issue with your internal pipe work which a plumber should be able to help with. Find local tradesmen who can help
  • Check your internal stop tap for an airlock in your pipes - Air blockages in pipes can cause a reduction in water pressure. Watch our short video below on how to release this.
  • Check your house for leaks - If your neighbours aren't experiencing it's worth checking your house for any burst/leaking pipes which could cause a drop in pressure. Click here for our guide to locating household leaks.

Check your area for issues

If we've not posted any notice through your door about a temporary shut off, you should check your area on Up My Street for any disruptions to our network before reporting a problem with your water supply - We might already be working on a repair!

If we're not aware of any issues in your area and it's not just you affected - Please let us know here or by ringing 0345 6723 723


Did you know we manage water pressure to prevent leaks and burst on our pipes and protect you from unexpected costs? Click here to read more about pressure management.

How you can test your water supply at home

Watch our short video 'what to do if you have low or no water pressure' for help on how to clear an airlock and other tests to check your water supply at home