How much water does my hot tub use?

With the popularity of hot tubs on the rise, it’s becoming more common for our customers to question their increase in water usage.

An average 4 seater hot tub holds about 1,250 litres of water, while a larger 7 seater hot tub will hold around 3,000 litres. For comparison, an average household bath tub holds around 80 litres of water – so that’s up to 37 baths full of water, each time the hot tub is filled!

If you have a meter, you may notice your water bill increase due to your hot tub requiring a lot of water to fill it up. This of course depends how often you fill it, and how big it is. If you don’t have a water meter, you may still notice an increase in your energy bills as you heat more water to fill up your hot tub.

When it’s time to replace the water in your hot tub, be sure to reuse the existing water where you can, maybe in the garden – but just be sure to check it’s safe to do so.