Welcome to the United Utilities’ customer insight and research library

The following library provides an overview of the research and insight projects we have delivered within AMP 7 (currently in progress from 2020 – 25). We’ve provided links to the detailed reports so you can see the objectives, the methodology used, key findings, any key messages from the research and action taken. 

United Utilities approach

Each insight and research project has used an appropriate method to capture a variety of customer and stakeholder opinions, ensuring a representative view of the diverse customer base across the North West. For example:

  • Our research includes customers living across the North West region, from the rural areas of Cumbria or Cheshire, and coastal towns and villages across Lancashire, through to the urban areas of Greater Manchester or Liverpool.
  • Not everyone is the same so we group customers so we can make comparisons to understand the priorities of different groups – for example future bill payers, 'priority customers', or those living in vulnerable circumstances.
  • The North West has 41% of the most deprived areas in the country and 47% of households have less than £100 savings to cope with unexpected bills. We ensure we listen to customers in different circumstances to capture a broad range of views.
  • We take into account other criteria when understanding customer views such as age, gender, income, social-economic grouping, and whether their water supply is metered or unmetered.

All of the feedback has helped us to shape our commitments to customers which we'll be delivering throughout the business planning period.