Drainage and wastewater management plan

The water you use, whether that’s from your toilet flushing or from rain that comes off roofs and roads needs to be collected, treated and sent safely back to the environment. A growing North West and more extreme weather present challenges for how we manage your used water over the long term. We’re planning for this through our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan.

You can find out more about the long term challenges we face and how we’re planning for them across all aspects of our operation by watching this video.

How has the plan been produced:

What is our ambition for the long term?

Strategic Context

Where do we have current concerns?

Risk Based Catchment Screening. December 2019

Where might changes cause issues to arise in the future?

Baseline Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (BRAVA). December 2020

How can we prepare for these changes?

Options Development and Draft DWMP published June 2022

What matters most to our customers and stakeholders?

Programme Appraisal and Draft DWMP published June 2022.

What the plan represents:

We’ve split our assessments into three key areas. We’re trying to understand how a growing population and more extreme weather might prevent us from delivering the services that keep your toilets flushing.

Flooding, Environment & Wastewater Treatment

This map shows you the different catchments in our region.

North West Catchments