Our water cycle

The collection, treatment, use and return of water to the environment is naturally a cyclical process. We collect water from the environment, which we clean and store before distributing it to our customers for their use.

We then collect it as wastewater and treat it before returning clean water back to the environment. The stages of this water cycle and our involvement in each of these can be seen in the chart or via the drop down menus below.

Water Cycle

  • Water is collected from our catchment land and stored in our 168 reservoirs or taken directly from boreholes.

  • Water is treated in our 91 water treatment works to produce high quality drinking water.

  • Clean water is protected in our covered reservoirs

  • A clean, reliable supply of around 1,700 million litres of water a day is distributed to our customers' taps using our 43,000km network of pipes

  • 3 million households and 200,000 businesses can enjoy our water supply and wastewater collection services 24 hours a day.

  • Wastewater is collected from our customers and taken to our treatment works using our 77,000km of sewerage pipes.

  • Wastewater is treated in our 567 wastewater treatment works so that it meets stringent environmental standards and is ready to return to the environment

  • The treated water is then returned safely into rivers and the sea.