Listening to our customers


Welcome to WaterTalk, our new online research panel. Follow the link below to find out more and to apply to join the panel.

More about watertalk

We’re always interested to hear what our customers think about us and spend a lot of time asking for, receiving and analysing customer feedback.

We do this in a variety of ways, including setting up customer focus groups and online community panels, carrying out customer surveys face to face, over the phone and online, and also increasingly by using more sophisticated approaches incorporating behavioural economics and data science. We do all of this so that we can understand our customers better and communicate with them in a way that suits them.


Weekly customer service research
Every week we get in touch with household customers that have contacted us to find out if they were happy with the way we handled their enquiry and if they have any views on how we can make their experience better.

If we’re working in your area
If we’re carrying out construction or maintenance at one of our treatment works we make sure we ask customers living in the area about their experiences.  Typically, we’ll ask people if they found our onsite employees helpful and if we kept them up to date about our work so they knew what we were doing. The aim is to limit disruption and take on board customer ideas about how we can improve the process.

Asking customers to rate our performance
We regularly ask our customers how they think we’re performing against our five year business plans and what they value most from the services we provide so that we can get their views on what areas we need to focus on in the future.

We make sure we get views from all our different groups of customers including those of different ages, genders, incomes, locations, metered and unmetered and customers who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives that’s making them more vulnerable than they might otherwise be.

YourVoice customer panel
Our YourVoice customer panel is made up of independent customer and business representatives and quality and environmental regulators. It has been specifically set up to gather feedback about our performance as a company. To find out more about YourVoice please click here.

Talking to our customers provides an invaluable insight into their experiences and helps us plan for the future.