Listening to our customers

Water drives the North West region, and it is vital we engage with our customers and stakeholders across the entire region about their water, wastewater and bio-resources services.

Receiving feedback allows us to really understand what customers expect so that we can continually improve and deliver the great service customers deserve.

Our future business plans are built on the findings of our comprehensive insight and research programme, which listens to customer and stakeholder feedback across a range of different topics, from tackling leaky loos, simplifying bills and protecting the environment, to highlight just a few.

The insight and research programme covers a broad range of research methodologies such as large scale surveys and in-depth conversations with customers through focus groups and discussion forums. This helps us to understand, directly from customers, what matters most to them.

PaperworkSince 2020, we have delivered over 80 bespoke customer insight & research projects that gauge customers' attitudes, expectations and priorities.

Data charts and calculatorWe undertake detailed analysis of the day-to-day customer contacts, complaints and customer satisfaction feedback we receive, to ensure we are continually improving our service to customers. 

PeopleWe engage regularly with 1,000 members of our In the Flow online research panel on a range of different topics and projects. In addition, we seek feedback from thousands of customers and businesses on bespoke research projects.

MailEach year, we engage with over 9,000 customers through the Customer Measure of Experience (C-MeX) and Developer Services Measure of Experience (D-MeX). These measure the quality of services delivered to household customers, developers and other third parties.

Insight and Research Library

As part of our extensive programme of gathering research and insight, we continue to commission new projects on a regular basis. New projects will be added as new requirements are identified and agreed.

Our library contains details on over 70 specific pieces of research we have undertaken since 2020, covering many aspects of the services we provide. We have collated the results to highlight the key insights which will inform how we deliver our services today and the plans we develop for the future.

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In The Flow is United Utilities' online customer research panel. We're looking for customers like you to sign up to the panel to share your views on a wide range of topics.

Each week we have surveys, polls and discussions to help us better understand what customers want and value. We also have a great incentive scheme to say thank you for your contribution.

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For more information on how we listened to customers as part of PR19 (2020-2025) click here.

Your water, your say - open challenge sessions

The ‘Your water, your say’ online meeting is an opportunity to ask questions about a range of topics directly to our chief executive and senior directors. Your questions covered a range of areas including our impact on the environment, the service we provide and how we are keeping bills more affordable. The event was hosted by an Independent Chair, appointed by our regulator Ofwat and the Consumer Council for Water (CCW). You can find a summary of each session by clicking the link below.