Water resources

Water resources

We’re committed to delivering reliable and resilient water supplies to three million households and 200,000 businesses in the North West, at the lowest possible cost. Our Water Resources Management Plan defines our strategy to achieve a long-term, best-value and sustainable plan for water supplies in the North West. Alongside this we have our drought plan which sets out the actions that we would take in a drought.

Annual Water Resources Review

All water companies are required to produce an annual review of their Water Resources Management Plan to ensure that the plan remains fit for purpose. In this annual review we report on our water resources activities for 2021/22, as measured against our 2019 Water Resources Management Plan. We also report briefly on our latest ‘draft final’ Drought Plan, published for approval by Defra and the Environment Agency in May 2022. Finally we have also included a forward look at water resources activities in the coming year in preparation for our next update of the Water Resources Management Plan, and also for our first regional water resources plan as a member of the Water Resources West group.

Our annual Water Resources Review for 2021/22 is available here: Annual Water Resources Review 2021/22

Water resources market information

In line with Ofwat guidance we're providing information on our Draft Water Resources Management Plan to enable potential market participants to identify opportunities to supply water resources or provide demand management or leakage services.  This data can be downloaded using the selection list below.