It is important that investors have confidence in the company and how it is managed, given their investment in our business. We are committed to high ethical standards of business conduct, strong corporate governance and acting with integrity and maintain a high level of quality and transparency so investors can be assured that the company is being managed responsibly.

Increasingly, environmental, social and governance updates have been an area of focus alongside financial and performance data as investors take a broader view of value and risk. We recognise that how we manage ESG matters is essential to how we deliver our purpose and operate in a responsible manner. Further detail on this can be found in our approach to Environmental, Social and Governance: a guide for investors.

In November we formally launched our sustainable finance framework. Dovetailing well with our longstanding and comprehensive ESG strategy, the framework allows us to more clearly demonstrate how investment in our business makes a positive impact on the North West’s environment and society in which we live and operate.

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