Sustainable finance

We have a strong track record of operating in a responsible manner over many years. The long-term prospects of the company are inextricably linked to our ability to operate sustainably to best serve the interests of all of our stakeholders.

In November 2020 we published our Sustainable Finance Framework. Financing our plans, in part, through a Sustainable Finance Framework will enable investors to more directly link the benefits of your funding to the furtherance of United Utilities’ environmental and sustainability goals. 

This framework provides a means to raise debt finance to support our strategy of providing the best service to customers, at the lowest sustainable cost, in a responsible manner. It will allow us to demonstrate how investment in our business makes a positive impact to the North West’s environment and society in which we live and operate.

Our sustainable finance framework

Our Sustainable Finance Framework was published in November 2020 and is available below.

Our Sustainable Finance Framework has been developed to align with the Green Bond Principles (2018 edition), the Social Bond Principles (2020 edition) and the Sustainability Bond Guidelines (2018 edition), as published by ICMA, as well as the Green Loan Principles published by the LMA (2020 edition). We intend to follow market best practice and will communicate in a transparent manner on:

  • Use of Proceeds
  • Process for Project Evaluation and Selection
  • Management of Proceeds
  • Reporting

Sustainalytics have provided a Second Party Opinion on our Sustainable Finance Framework, which is available below.