Help for those who need it most

Providing support for customers in vulnerable circumstances is more important than ever and as a responsible business we have a duty to continuously strive to improve services in order to help those who need it most.

We are proud to serve the North West and its seven million households.Social factors

However, we recognise the social and economic challenges of a region that is one of the most deprived in the country. When factors like ill health, unemployment, separation or divorce make it more difficult to manage household finances, we want to do all we can to help our customers during these difficult times by having a range of support schemes in place.

We constantly engage and listen to our customers. For our next business plan alone, we spoke to 4,000 customers face-to-face, engaged with 145,000 through customer research and reached 1.7m via social media and public roadshows. One of the key themes that came back from the people we spoke to was to ensure that we provided help for those customers most in need. 

And we have taken that on board. We interact with customers face-to-face; we work closely with partner organisations to engage those people who seem hardest to reach; and we have launched a number of initiatives designed solely to help those customers who are struggling with bills or who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances. Find out more about how we can help customers struggling with their bills.

Affordability Summit

To help us understand more about the challenges our customers face, we decided to bring together organisations from across the region, who deal with customers in challenging or difficult circumstances, to discuss what more could be done to support those in need. This resulted in the first ever North West Affordability Summit, held in January 2018. This proved so successful that we held a second Affordability Summit in January 2019 and a third summit in January 2020.

Please click on the options below for information about our previous Affordability Summit events as well as further details about the services we provide to vulnerable customers.