Climate change

We recognise climate related risks and opportunities on our services and adapt our business accordingly whilst delivering our obligations to mitigate climate change and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change has been a subject of strategic and operational focus for us for over two decades. The impact of the environment on our activities, and the impact of our activities on the environment influences how we deliver water and wastewater services to customers.

Climate change and the resultant shifts in weather patterns have the potential to significantly impact our operations and the broader environment as hazards such as droughts, floods, storms or heatwaves become more frequent and more intense. We already have had first-hand experience of the impacts of extreme weather events on our operations and our customers which means we know we have to both adapt our service to a changing climate.

We also have responsibility and a part to play in mitigating climate change. We have developed a climate change mitigation strategy and made 6 pledges to reduce our footprint.

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