ESG governance

Strong governance is business as usual and ESG governance is no different.

Paulette Rowe

For us, commitment starts at the highest level, with reports to the our board of directors through our ESG Committee (PDF 273 KB opens in new window), chaired by Paulette Rowe (pictured here).

Our ESG Leadership Group, comprised of senior leaders from across the company, drives and monitors environmental and social performance improvements balanced with economic considerations.

This careful governance allows us to develop and maintain effective procedures and action plans. In turn, these plans enable us to:

  • manage our economic, environmental and social impacts
  • set and review measurable objectives and improvement targets

We regularly update these Responsibility pages – covering our recent activities, performance and strategic direction. We also take part in external ESG indices, which provide a benchmark for our ESG performance.

We are compliant with the UK Corporate Governance Code and we operate our business to several internationally recognised management standards covering quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), health & safety (ISO 45001) and asset management (ISO 55001). We pride ourselves on running our business in a way that allows us to maintain accreditation to these standards.

We are also committed to acting in a responsible manner in relation to our tax affairs. Our 2023 tax report (PDF 3,051 KB opens in a new window) and our tax policies and objectives can be found here (PDF 115 KB opens in a new window).


ISO certification

Below are links to our ISO certificates:

ISO 14001 - Environment

ISO 9001 - Quality

ISO 45001 - Health & Safety

ISO 55001 - Asset Management