Our business and the environment go hand in hand

 That’s why protecting and enhancing it is front of mind in everything we do

Keeping the North West flowing is an energy and resource intensive process, but we work hard to minimise our environmental impact, and to enhance wildlife and biodiversity.

We’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions, by designing out waste from our operations, and generating our own energy.

We consider the natural environment in the management, operation and maintenance of our sites, helping to support rare species and habitats. Wildlife is not only protected, but frequently improved, as a result of our interventions. Our sustainable catchment management programme (SCaMP) ensures our catchments and their wildlife are well managed, protecting water supply and restoring land to its natural state. SCaMP is a good example of how we work in partnership with organisations to achieve environmental goals and share knowledge and experience.

When supplying households and businesses with great quality water, we need to balance the needs of the environment with the needs of our customers. In West Cumbria, where there is a pressing need to protect naturally occurring local water sources, we launched a major consultation programme on a long-term solution to the area’s supply needs.

We help to reduce the number of sewer flooding incidents – which are messy, distressing experiences for our customers – by continuing to invest in our sewer network, and by using more sophisticated techniques to manage and monitor our sewer pipes.

With strict new bathing water standards that took effect in 2015, we continue to work with partners to improve the quality of rivers and coastal waters, and give the public real time information on bathing water quality.

We maintain an extensive programme of leakage control actions and we have either met or exceeded the Ofwat leakage for many years.

While providing water and wastewater services to the North West, we produce waste materials such as sludges, excavated materials and general office waste which we are committed to managing in a sustainable way. We are also looking at ways to reduce our use of raw materials to reduce our impact on the environment and make us more efficient.

These commitments are documented in our Environmental Policy (PDF 235KB opens in new window).

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