We rely on the environment as one of our key resources so it is important for the sustainability of our business that we protect and enhance its value.

We meet increasingly stringent environmental consent levels, which help to improve the quality of rivers and bathing waters and so support tourism in the region.

We consider the natural environment in the management, operation and maintenance of our sites. Wildlife is not only protected, but frequently improved as a result of our interventions.

Our investment in renewable energy generation is reducing our carbon footprint and contribution to climate change. 

We plan far ahead to ensure our activites and investment enhance the long-term resilience of the environment, innovating and investing in new technologies to solve environmental challenges for future generations. 

Our Environmental Policy sets out how we deliver our commitment to the environment. Internally, we have an Environment Advisory Group (EAG). The overall purpose of EAG is to lead a coordinated and consistent management of United Utilities’ interactions with the environment from across the company and ensure implementation of the Environmental Policy (PDF 143KB opens in new window).

Our business and the environment go hand in hand

 That’s why protecting and enhancing it is front of mind in everything we do

Corporate citizenship assured