Environment performance

The table below details our customer measures and targets to 2020. It reports our performance and demonstrates progress against our Business Principle commitment to provide a great service to our customers.

2017-2018 performance data will be available in July 2018.

For further explanation on the measures and targets used and to understand the verification process for our data, please see our Annual Performance Report.

Business Principle Commitment

Measure Target to 2020 2016/17 Performance 2015/16 Performance
Manage water resources sustainably and promote water efficiency Per household consumption (in litres) (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window) 284 305 303
Improve the North West's bathing waters through our work and that of others Contribution to bathing waters improved (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window) 6.56 0.66 0.47
Act to prevent pollution from our operations and inform our customers on the responsible disposal of waste to our sewers Wastewater serious pollution incidents (category 1 & 2) (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window) 0 2 4
Wastewater pollution incidents (category 3) ≤191 150 136
Protect and enhance the natural environment and the services it provides. Contribution to rivers improved, water and wastewater (in km) (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window)

159.5 water

355.2 Ww

82.6 water

45.6 Ww

36.8 water

0.75 Ww

Manage our use of natural resources, reduce waste and put it to valuable uses  % to beneficial use 95% to benef. use 94.7% to benef. use  94.5% to benef. use 
Consider the impacts of climate change on the services we deliver and adapt our business accordingly Security of Supply Index (SoSI) (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window) ≥100 100 100
Sewer flooding index (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window)  ≤68.1 94.4 100.8
Ww network performance index (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window) ≤93.4 89.5 91
Resilience of impounding reservoirs (PDF 1.76 MB opens in new window) ≥165.3 164.3 161.6
Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and generate more renewable energy Carbon footprint 50% ↓ on 2005/06 baseline 22.8% ↓ on 2005/06 baseline  22% ↓ on 2005/06 baseline