Environment performance

The table below details our environment value measures and targets to 2025. It reports our performance and demonstrates progress in protecting and enhancing the environment as part of delivering our purpose.

Performance highlights to 2023 include:

  • Since 2020 we have delivered 100 per cent of our Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) schemes by their planned delivery date.
  • Delivered a 39 per cent reduction in reported activations of storm overflows since 2020.
  • Over the past three years we have planted over 500,000 trees across the region, achieving our 2025 target ahead of schedule.
  • Achieved two of our pledges in relation to 100 per cent renewable electricity, and setting scope 3 science-based targets. 
  • 2022/23 was the seventeenth consecutive year we outperformed our leakage target, our average leakage over the last three years is at its lowest ever level.

To understand the verification process for our data, please see CR reporting.

The progress we have already made to operate in a responsible manner is demonstrated in our 2015-20 measures and targets performance.

Measure Target to 2025 2022/23 Performance 2021/22 Performance 2020/21 Performance
EA EPA  Upper quartile  Upper quartile Upper quartile Upper quartile 
Leakage reduction 15% 6% 8% 5%
% waste to benefical use 98% 98.30% 97.8% 97.3%
Enhancing natural capital for customers £4 million £0 £3.234 million Delivery scheduled from 2022
Number of trees planted 500,000 104,493 244,639 216,601
Better air quality: nitrogen axides (NOx) emissions per GWh of renewable electricity generated 1.42 NOx/GWh 1.3 NOx/GWh 1.07 NOx/GWh 1.19 NOx/GWh 1.3 NOx/GWh
Climate change mitigation: meeting our science-based reduction target 14% 3.6% reduction 2.2% decrease 1% increase
Climate change adaptation: multiple measures See TCFD section of our Annual Report