Supplier performance

The table below details our supplier value measures and targets to 2025. It reports our performance and demonstrates progress by innovating in partnership with suppliers in the delivery of our purpose.

Performance highlights in 2023 include:

  • Awarded a ‘Fast Payer Award’ by Good Business Pays for the second year running.
  • Almost 90 per cent of our targeted suppliers signed up to our Responsible Sourcing Principles.
  • Our activities support around 15,500 jobs in the supply chain, and the acceleration of around £500 million of capital expenditure into the first three years of AMP7 will continue to play a part in helping to generate jobs and income for the North West economy.
  • Undertaken a gap analysis of our approach to modern slavery and human trafficking with the help of social enterprise Slave-Free Alliance.

To understand the verification process for our data, please see CR reporting.

The progress we have already made to operate in a responsible manner is demonstrated in our 2015-20 measures and targets performance.

Measure Target to 2025 2022/23 Performance 2021/22 Performance 2020/21 Performance
Invoices paid within 60 days At least 95% 98.91% 99.34% 99.55%
Average time taken to pay invoices <28 days 12 13 13
% suppliers in high risk categories, as identified by sustainability risk assessments, covered by enhanced due diligence audits 5% 3% Delivery scheduled from 2022 Delivery scheduled from 2021
% of partner and strategic suppliers that have sustainability risk assessment in place 75% 73% 72% 35%
Supplier Relationships Management score 90% 90% 54% 69%
% of targeted suppliers signed up to United Supply Chain 100% 89% 90% 38%
CIPS ethical mark Retain annual accreditation Retained Retained Retained
Savings delivered through innovation and efficiency £40 million £21.6 million £6.388 million £3.9 million