Community performance

The table below details our communities measures and targets to 2020. It reports our performance and demonstrates progress against our Business Principle commitment to actively support our local communities.

For further explanation on the measures and targets used and to understand the verification process for our data, please click on the specific measure.

Business Principle Commitment Measure Target to 2020 2018/19 Performance 2017/18 Performance 2016/17 Performance 2015/16 Performance
Invest in community partnerships for mutual benefit with particular focus on current social issues Partnership leverage 1:3 1:5 1:4 1:4 1:4 
Encourage our employees to get involved and make a positive contribution to local communities Volunteering hours (LBG) 5000 2620 3577 13094 3026
Invest in education programmes both in schools and the wider community Number of children benefitting from UU educational resources 12000 11061 11765 8671 12048
Recognise the effect that our operations have upon the community and invest in programmes that support those affected Community investment spend (LBG) £2.5m £2.717m £3.651m £3.6m  £1.8m
Provide access and recreation at our sites where it is appropriate  Length of (concessionary) footpath and associated infrastructure open to public access Maintain current level Current level maintained Current level maintained Current level maintained  5km increase