Managing your money

As part of our PR19 stakeholder engagement we joined forces with Youth Focus North West to gain a better understanding of the issues that interest our future customers and bring the voice of young people into our planning. 

When we asked, the youth prioritised climate change impacts (such as flooding), fatbergs and affordability as the top three water issues that were most important to young people. 

  • Skills for living, preparation for life

To understand their affordability needs and requirements better we then held a workshop that resulted in the co-creation of materials on better financial planning. This supports the UK Youth Parliament’s Curriculum for Life initiative. 

The output is 5 stand-alone sessions and a ‘take-away’ summary, materials for a Curriculum for Life module: Managing your money.  

The entire module content would take around 3 hours to deliver but breaking it down into 5 stand-alone sessions make delivery more manageable as each session lasts around 30 to 40 mins.