Drought plan

Droughts are natural events caused by a serious lack of rain over several months. Our drought plan sets out the actions we will take to protect water supplies should a drought occur.

Drought plans are updated every five years. Our existing Drought Plan covers the period to 2021. In April we published our new draft Drought Plan and held an 8 week consultation period. Since the consultation period closed at the end of June we have been working through the responses and updating our draft plan accordingly.

Our Statement of Response, detailing the responses we received and the changes we have made as a result of them, can be found below, alongside our revised draft Drought Plan and updated Appendices.

Our revised draft Drought Plan will be reviewed by Defra and the Environment Agency, and once given approval we will publish our final Drought Plan.

No information has been excluded from the Drought Plan on the grounds that it would be contrary to the interests of national security and no commercially sensitive information has been excluded.

For reference, the Final Drought Plan 2018 can be found below.