Water Resources Management Plan

Our current Water Resources Management Plan (March 2015)

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) sets out the investment needed to ensure that we have sufficient water to continue supplying our customers for the years ahead. In the future, we may experience more severe droughts due to changing rainfall patterns and we may need to take less water to help improve the flow in some of our rivers for the benefit of fish and other species that live there.

Our current plan, published in March 2015, covers our approach to manage these issues for the years 2015-2040. This can be found, along with its associated supporting documents, below.

We would like to express our thanks to all customers and stakeholders who were involved in the process to develop and shape the plan.

Associated Environmental Reports

The plan has been subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Asessment (HRA) processes. The SEA Post Adoption Statement (PDF 1.25 MB opens in new window) describes the way we have taken account of environmental issues and comments from consultees in the adopted plan. This also references the specific detailed reports produced, which are available in the table below.

Consultation and Examination in Public on our plan

Our draft plan was available for public consultation from 14 May 2013 to 6 August 2013 and showed a forecast supply-demand deficit in West Cumbria. We identified the Thirlmere transfer as our preferred alternative source of water for West Cumbria within a revised draft Plan published in November 2013. This took into account the feedback and views from the consultation process on the draft plan, which we summarised in a Statement of Response (PDF 1.1 MB opens in new window).

On 2 April 2014, we were notified that the Secretary of State had decided to exercise his power to call for an inquiry or other hearing in connection with our 2013 revised draft Water Resources Management Plan. This resulted in an examination in public on our plan, chaired by the an independent Planning Inspector.

On 9 December 2014, the Secretary of State issued her decision to accept the conclusions and recommendations in the Inspector’s report. The Secretary of State directed us to make changes to our revised draft plan. This did not result in changes to the Thirlmere transfer scheme as the preferred alternative source of water for West Cumbria. The 2015 revised draft Water Resources Management Plan has since been approved by the Secretary of State, and has now been adopted as the Final Water Resources Management Plan, formally replacing our Associated 2009 Water Resources Management Plan.

West Cumbria water supply project (Thirlmere transfer scheme)

The Thirlmere transfer is our preferred alternative source of water for West Cumbria and we are now busy delivering this project in-line with our WRMP.