United Utilities using the Grow West Derby community initiative to help grow people’s understanding of water efficiency

In a bid to encourage people to adopt simple everyday steps to lead a more water efficient lifestyle, United Utilities has taken a vested interest in the Grow West Derby community initiative.

After being approached by Ian Byrne MP about the eco project, the company realised it was a great opportunity to support the project and get people to think not only about growing good quality food, but how this can be done in a more water efficient way.

Emma McCabe, Water Efficiency manager from United Utilities said:  “When Ian approached us about his community project aimed at helping people to learn new skills around growing and accessing good quality food, I was excited to help with the water usage element, as this forms an essential part of this initiative.

“By getting involved we can share and provide practical support, such as harvesting rainwater for use on crops, with the hope people will take away some of the water-saving steps they learn at the allotments and change some habits at home, which collectively will really help to conserve water.” 

MP Ian Byrne said, “We are delighted to have the support of United Utilities working with us as part of ‘Grow West Derby’. Today was another milestone for the allotments with every plot holder receiving a water butt from United Utilities as part of making the site as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can.  This is a fine example of businesses working to empower communities for the common good.” 

Grow West Derby will link up with Myerscough College and Clubmoor Allotments, with the idea to teach people how to grow their own food and to live more sustainably, while also supplying local food pantries with any excess food that is produced.

United Utilities continually encourages people to adopt simple everyday steps to lead a more water efficient lifestyle, other tips include wrapping pipes for winter to avoid bursts, and making small daily changes like turning off the tap while brushing teeth or having a shower instead of a bath.

For water efficiency tips, visit https://www.unitedutilities.com/help-and-support/save-water/