From saving money to protecting pipes and drains - United Utilities visit Blackpool to share advice

Advice on how to save water, information on avoiding blockages and support for customers struggling to pay their water bill will all be available when United Utilities visit Blackpool this half term.

There will also be plenty of fun for families including a visit from four revolting sewer monsters and a team of mad scientists.

Franken-Foods, Greasy Ghoul, Toiletry Terror and Wet Wiper will be lurking at a special family-friendly interactive exhibition highlighting the nasty things that are being put down drains and toilets causing 22,000 sewer blockages a year and 7,000 incidents of sewer flooding to homes and gardens.

The sewer monsters are joined by a team of mad scientists who will be conducting a range of experiments that visitors will be able to join in with.

It’s all happening from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th October 2023 at Blackpool’s Houndshill shopping centre.

The event has been organised by the region’s water company, United Utilities, and they will also be taking along collections of some of the most bizarre things found in its sewers as they encourage householders to Stop the Block and help avoid growing a slimy sewer monster in the local sewer network by thinking about what they flush down the loo or pour down the drain.

Wet wipes, cotton pads, nappies and cotton buds as well as grease from roasting tins and leftover food are just some of the key culprits causing drains and pipes to clog, back up and overflow.

Catherine Booth, from United Utilities, said: “Our employees and engineers will be on hand to talk to visitors and hand out kids’ fun activity sheets and free giveaways including fat traps and water-saving giveaways. We’re also hoping to recruit customers to join our Stop the Block campaign”.

Representatives from United Utilities’ Affordability team will also be there to share information about the help that is available to customers who need support with their bill.

Stop The Block