Freeze warning: Protect your pipes as temperatures dip

Winter is finally here and as temperatures plummet, water company United Utilities is urging North West homes and businesses to get lagging – and avoid the misery of a wet and costly winter.

When temperatures dip below freezing, water pipes become vulnerable to freezing water. Water expands when frozen, leading to broken pipes that leave behind significant and costly damage.

This year of 2020 has already been really difficult for many and United Utilities has revealed some practical and easy advice on how to avoid any further misery caused by frozen and burst pipes.

 “We are using our winter campaign to help customers protect their homes and businesses this winter.  For just a few pounds spent and a little time, insulating water pipes with lagging could save a huge amount of hassle and cost if a water pipe freezes, bursts and floods a home or business, which is the last thing anyone needs just now." explained United Utilities’ Rose Francis.


“We know that lots of businesses have had a challenging year already and may be left empty due to Covid 19 restrictions or closed over the Christmas break and as the temperature falls, if pipes are not protected, even short periods of very cold weather increases the risk of water pipes freezing and bursting. 

There are several precautions to take to protect pipes from freezing and United Utilities’ is asking everyone this winter to think PIPE:

Prepare – know where your stop tap is and check it works.  Have a number of a plumber at hand or check if a water pipe leak or burst is covered on your home or business insurance.

Insulate – insulate pipes in cold places like outside and in the garage and loft.

Protect – any other exposed equipment, such as outside taps with an insulated cover.

Easy – do it because it’s easy, cheap and we’ll show you how.

"It is really simple to protect your home or business yourself.  We have lots of fantastic advice and simple instructions on our website, which can really help avoid the heart-breaking and costly situation of dealing with burst pipes”, added Rose.

For more information, including advice from Craig Phillips – celebrity DIY expert on how easy it is to protect your property this winter, visit