Don’t lag behind, when it comes to protecting your pipes

United Utilities is reminding customers, it’s not only people who need to wrap up warm for winter, pipes need the same attention. If you’re feeling cold, chances are your water pipes will be too.

The water company said every year hundreds of people get caught out by a cold snap and fall victim to the misery of frozen and burst pipes.

“We are using our Winter Wise campaign to help customers stay flood-free this winter. For just a few pounds spent on lagging pipes, you could save yourself a lot of heartache,” explained United Utilities’ Rose Francis.

The best way to avoid the headache is to insulate your pipes.

"Keep an eye on the temperature over the chilly months. Your pipes will just need some nice cosy lagging. And lookout for your neighbours, who may need help to do theirs too. A little bit of warmth can make a big difference,” said Rose

For more information on how to lag your pipes, how to find your stop tap or defrost a pipe safely, visit United Utilities has created a short video, showing how easy lagging pipes is

Top tips from United Utilities:

- Wrap up your pipes as well as yourselves. Pay extra attention to the pipes in the garage, loft, or those outside your home. Pipe lagging is cheap and easy to fit. Your local DIY should have everything you need.

- Find your stop tap and check it works. Your stop tap controls the flow of water into your home. It’s usually found under the kitchen sink, or sometimes in the cellar or garage.

- Keep central heating on low during a cold spell to help prevent your pipes from freezing. If you’re away too, make sure the heating comes on. You don’t want to come back to a flooded home.

- If you have a burst pipe, turn off your water at the stop tap and switch off your boiler. Call either your insurance provider to check if you’re covered for burst pipes, or a plumber.

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