Promoting water efficiency and wellbeing in the Wirral with a new community garden space

24 Aug 2022

A new community garden space has been created in the Wirral thanks to United Utilities and Sapphire Utility Solutions.

United Utilities was approached by a group of volunteers from the Poll Hill community in Heswall who wanted to bring life back to an overgrown parkland area which was owned by Wirral Borough Council. They aimed to encourage the local community to grow some of their own produce along with protecting and encouraging wildlife, and attracting a wide range of insects, birds and mammals. Schools and community groups had also been involved with path clearing and litter picking, however their plans to build a purposeful space which could be viewed by all members of the community on a non-commercial business was yet to be fulfilled.

To help them reach their goal, the water company worked with Sapphire Utility Solutions to install two solid oak planters and two water butts. The water butts will fill up with rain water, reducing the need to use drinking water to keep the garden growing.

Gail Eglin, a volunteer from Poll Hill, said: “The raised herb bed offers a massive development for our community project and a vital contribution towards enhancing the local environment while contributing towards climactic change. Our community group is incredibly grateful for United Utilities and Sapphire Utility Solutions who have helped with achieving our goals.”

Sammy Nelson, Programme Delivery Manager at United Utilities, said: “We’re delighted to have been able to help the Poll Hill community transform their local area. By using rainwater from water butts to help the flowers bloom, the volunteers are not only creating a vibrant space for everyone to enjoy, but also making the most of our region’s precious water resources.”

The creation of this wildflower area and herb garden will be a great haven for those looking to improve their mental health through connecting with nature, gardening or those seeking a peaceful place to think and reflect.

The team also plans to add a ‘grow your own book’ exchange cabinet and seed exchange box now that the area has been cleared and the planters have been installed, encouraging the local community of all ages to take part in growing their own orchard.

United Utilities has a wealth of tips and ideas for water efficiency in the garden, as well as discounted water butts available to order. To find out more, visit: