Saving water in your garden

This week we have celebrated National Gardening Week by looking at ways we can save water in our gardens.

One great way of saving water in your garden is by collecting rainwater with a water butt, and although fitting a water butt may seem complicated at first, it's actually much easier than you'd expect. 

Watch our step-by-step guide following two of our lovely customers, Charlie, 92 and Jean, 80, showing how you can fit a water butt in your garden.

Back in November 2022 Charlie and Jean had a water meter installed to help them save money on their water bill, and have also installed a variety of water saving devices around their house to help save even more water and money.

“It is brilliant, one of the best things we’ve ever done. Our water bill is now much cheaper and we are always looking for ways to save where we can, we are made up with the results. We’ve now got a water butt, crystals for our plants in pots that are great, we can now water those less without worry.” – Jean

“I installed the water butt myself, it was simple, just need to make sure the downpipe is secured in place to make sure it’s safe and make sure the attachment on the pipe is slightly higher than the water butt. Easy.” - Charlie

When installing a water butt, please make sure you follow the diverter kit instructions as kits may vary, and don’t worry if you have a round or square downpipe there are attachments for both that you can fit. Always remember, your safety comes first, be careful when using tools.

There are also many other ways you can save water in the garden, such as;

  • Time of day; watering your flowers close to the roots at dawn or dusk to minimise evaporation
  • Type of plants; plant drought resistant flowers such as lavender and succulents
  • Water retaining crystals; Use water retaining crystals to keep your potted plants and hanging baskets hydrated for even longer
  • Leave your lawn; grass is hardy and is often over watered, even during drought when it browns, it will bounce back, if you are worried, then a good alternative is using rainwater collected in a water butt
  • Use mulch; this is a great way to retain water in your flower beds and can also help slow down weed growth

Find more advice on how to save water in the garden by clicking the button below.

save water in the garden

Saving water in the garden 1.png
Saving water in the garden 1.png
Saving water in the garden 1.png
Saving water in the garden 1.png