Developing our plans for 2020-2025

Shaping the future of North West water and wastewater services

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Our plan sets out our ambition to cut bills, improve services, and provide more help to those that need it and safeguard water supplies for generations to come.

In preparing this plan, we reached 1.7m people through our engagement campaign and asked over 140,000 customers and stakeholders across the region for their views on what was most important to them.

Your feedback was very clear. You told us you wanted lower bills, improved services – including extra support for those customers in vulnerable circumstances – and a commitment to continue to protect the environment of the region.

From the page below, you can view our proposed business plan in full (and access the supporting evidence used in constructing the plan); read a shorter customer summary; or watch our highlights video.

Thank you for all your feedback. We’re excited about this next chapter and can’t wait to get started.

Our proposed business plan in full detail

Chapter one

Chapter one (PDF 167KB)

Executive summary - trusted to deliver value, transparently, every day.

Chapter two

Chapter two (PDF 2.7MB)

Voice of the customer: our approach to engagement

Chapter three

Chapter three (PDF 1.3MB)

Addressing affordability and vulnerability

Chapter four

Chapter four (PDF 2.3MB)

Delivering long-term resilience

Chapter five

Chapter five (PDF 2.8MB)

Great service to customers

Chapter 6

Chapter six (PDF 3.5MB)

Using markets and innovation

Chapter seven

Chapter seven (PDF 536KB)

Securing efficient cost

Chapter eight

Chapter eight (PDF 438KB)

Accounting for past delivery

Chapter nine

Chapter nine (PDF 823KB)

Aligning risk and return

Chapter ten

Chapter ten (PDF 758KB)

Confidence and assurance

Board assurance

Board assurance (PDF 368KB)

The UUW Board assurance statement that supports the UUW Business Plan

Shaping the future of North West water and wastewater services

Proposed business plan highlights

Read the highlights of our proposed business plan for 2020-2025

Research and customer engagement

Over the last three years we've been carrying out extensive research to understand customers' priorities