Trail hunting on our land

Following the conclusion of the trial of a member of The Hunting Office, hunting’s governing body, we are examining the implications of the verdict. This includes an assessment of whether we have the resources needed to facilitate and monitor trail hunting. We also await intended reassurances from the hunts that they are complying with licences and the law. Until this is complete, trail hunting remains suspended on our land.

Given that many different groups have an interest in our land, it is our policy that we do not discriminate between any of those groups by banning any particular legal activities, unless they would have a detrimental impact on water quality or otherwise affect our ability to carry out our regulatory responsibilities. To achieve the best possible balance across different views our stakeholders express, we base our decisions on what is lawful. Because trail-hunting is currently a legal activity and does not impact water quality, then we do not consider it our role to ban a legal activity.

We encourage anyone who has any information about criminal activity to report this to the police as it is the police that is responsible for investigating and prosecuting illegal activity. We will facilitate any investigations the police wish to undertake on our land and we have always supported any that have taken place. Should any illegal activity have occurred, we will take appropriate action.