Meet Hazel

31 Dec 2021

Rivington, or Rivi as it’s known to the locals, is a picture-perfect North West beauty spot in Lancashire. Perfect for running, cycling, and hiking and for breath-taking views from Rivington Pike. But did you know that places like this are vital for protecting the quality of the water that flows to your taps?

We’re proud custodians of over 56,000 hectares of catchment land, including Rivington. Rainwater falls on this land, and then drains into our rivers, lakes and reservoirs. It forms the beginning of the water cycle and how we manage this land is key to ensuring the water you use is the best it can be.

We have a team of catchment controllers whose job it is to look after the water supply, protect the natural environment and wildlife, and work with partners and visitors to ensure our beautiful North West landscapes are protected for generations to come. And Hazel is one of these countryside custodians.

We caught up with Hazel to see just what a day is like as a catchment controller around Rivington.

Meet Hazel

Meet Hazel, our countryside custodian

Dangers of moorland fires

Learn about the dangers or moorland fires and the work we're doing to restore our countryside

Working in partnership

Meet one of our tenant farmers in Rivington and learn about how we work together to protect the landscape

Recording the day's findings

In the final episode of our mini series, it's time for Hazel to head back to the office to finish off her day's work and catch up with her colleagues.

Catchment Systems Thinking

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