CR reporting

Our CR reporting comprises a yearly performance statement and score, supported by regular reporting of our activities on this website.

By updating our material issues, refreshing our Business Principles and setting our responsible business measures and targets to 2020 we have a clear framework for the next three years. 

To explain the wider impact of being a respnsible business we developed a graphic (PDF 5.69 MB opens in new window) and video to show how we play our part in the North West.

Our CR reporting forms part of our broader performance, and since 2015, our Annual Report has been prepared in accordance with the principles set out in the International <IR> Framework. It shows how we create value by making business decisions that are environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial and socially responsible.

Our Annual Performance Report includes a number of metrics relating to CR performance across the five commitment areas of our Business Principles.

Full assurance statements are available for our Annual Reports and our Annual Performance Reports with our most material responsible business metrics being independently assured.

We have commissioned Corporate Citizenship to provide independent, external assurance and commentary on our responsibility pages, in particular, how they correspond with the AA1000 standard. It is intended for the general reader and for more specialist audiences who have a professional interest in our responsible business performance.

We use the AA1000AS (2008) assurance standard, Type 1, which evaluates the nature and extent of adherence to the AA1000AS principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness, and assures the behaviour of our organisation as reported on this website.

The current corporate responsibility webpage assurance statement (PDF 283 KB opens in new window) covers material posted up to 31 August 2017 and methodology details appear at the end of the report. 

Corporate citizenship assured