Water meter switch and save

11 Apr 2024

More than 40, 000 customers have applied to switch to a water meter following a money saving reminder from United Utilities.

The water company for the North West has been dispelling myths about water meters and reminding customers that in many cases, a meter can help them save money on their water bill.

As a result, more customers than ever are making the switch and saving money in the process. On average customers can save £120 a year.

Water Efficiency Manager at United Utilities Emma McCabe explained: “For the past few months, we’ve been reminding customers that they can often make a substantial saving on their water bill by switching to a meter. As we give customers the opportunity to trial a meter before they commit to keeping it, there isn’t anything to lose.

“As a result of this awareness raising, we’ve seen an increase in the number of applications received as more and more people recognise that it is often cheaper on a meter.

”As a general rule, we advise if there are fewer people in the household than the number of bedrooms, a meter could be the most cost-effective choice for them.

“Often we find that customers have been paying their bills based on rateable value for many years and they carry on doing that long after their children have flown the nest. We wanted to remind people that it is a good idea to review their bills and check whether a meter could help them save money.”

United Utilities offers a lowest bill guarantee that gives customers the chance to trial a meter for two years during which time their water usage is assessed to make sure a meter is the best option for them.

Emma added: “During the first two years, we compare the water meter charges against what the customer would pay on rateable value, and they are only charged the lowest amount.

“At the end of the two-year trial, we confirm if they ‘ve saved money on the meter and they can decide whether to stay on it permanently or revert back to bills based on rateable value, there’s nothing to lose. Remember its often cheaper on a meter.”

Most water meters can be fitted inside customers’ homes, and they aren’t much bigger than a standard tin of beans.

More information on water meters is available at: Information on applying for a water meter | United Utilities