Warwick Road water works progresses during lock-down

United Utilities water engineers say they have been making good progress upgrading the mains pipes along Warwick Road in Carlisle.

The construction team has been making the most of the quieter roads and fine weather during the lock-down period.

Now more than 90 per cent of the work is finished, including the section over Botcherby Bridge where engineers were able to lay the new pipes in the footpath.

Temporary traffic lights have now been moved to the Greystone Road junction to allow the team to complete the final stretch of pipe-lining up to Botcherby Bridge.

United Utilities project director John Hilton said: “The work has been progressing very smoothly and I’m sure it will come as a relief to residents that we are very nearly finished on Warwick Road.  It’s crucial that our key workers complete the upgrades as quickly as we can, especially while the roads are so much quieter at the moment.”

The temporary traffic lights should no longer be required after the end of May and all work including testing and commissioning the new pipes should be complete by the end of June.

John added: “We’re continuing to liaise with Cumbria Highways and as soon as we get permission we will be able to carry out the two remaining sections of work in the busy city centre area – Charlotte Street and Denton Street.  It would be ideal if we can use this quieter lock-down period to carry out all of our essential work.

“In the meantime I’d like to thank everyone for their patience. Carlisle will have a much more resilient water supply system when we have finished.”