Warning on bogus callers

People across the North West are being urged to make sure they are on their guard against bogus callers posing as employees from the “water board” or United Utilities.

United Utilities is advising customers to make sure they check callers are who they say they before they let anyone into their homes.

Louise Beardmore, customer service and people director from United Utilities said: “As the dry weather continues, we’re doing lots of work in our communities and people may see us out working on the roads. Unfortunately this can also provide an opportunity for bogus callers with people pretending to be from the company and wanting to enter your home. Sadly these people have absolutely no conscience as they look to target elderly members in the community.

“All United Utilities employees carry ID Cards and every customer, not only the elderly, should check this before allowing anybody in their home. Close the door and ring our teams on 0345 672 3723, to validate they are genuine. I can assure everyone, our employees won’t be offended if they are kept waiting whilst you check.

"Our advice is clear, if in doubt don’t let them in.”

Customers of United Utilities can also add a password to their account to help protect against bogus callers. For further information visit unitedutilities.com